Tuesday, 23 August 2011


With easterlies about to hit the coast I decided to try to see if I'd be okay to drive the car, against doctor's advise.  It didn't feel right and I had a bit of pain just after so that's that fucked then.  Not happy.  It was going to be a dawn raid on Spurn this morning.  Upto now it seems I'm not missing much though.

The cricket was good though eh?  Apart from the distinct absence of a certain Mr Trevor Francis.  Even the commentators noticed he wasn't there.  Bumble Lloyd even said during commentary "...Ohhh, he's bowled him!  Swann's bowled him, he's played on.  It's all over, England win the series 4-0, it's a white wash!  England have outplayed India in all departments.  It's just a shame Trevor Francis isn't here.  Has anyone tried to ring him to see if he's alright?"  Trevor Francis, first million pound player.  Was he the first million pound player only from a British perspective?  Brum to Forest.  Must've been a British transfer record.

Here's a few for you then, who was the first TWO million pound+ player...
     a)  ...in the world? 
     b)  ...involving a British player?
     c)  ...between two British clubs?
No Googling you bastards.  The person with the first correct answers will receive a holiday for four in Tenerife, £500 spending money, and four Trevor Francis masks including two junior sizes for the kids. 
Please give preferences for your departure dates in your answer.  Holiday is for two weeks and is non-transferable.  Holiday is based upon family of four, self catering.  Destination in Tenerife to be confirmed before departure.  No employee of Q@Spurn can enter.  Terms and Conditions apply.  Suck my balls.

Oh Trevor Francis,
I say with a tear,
Here at the Oval,
Why weren't you here?

Now Trevor Francis,
As it's getting windier,
I thought I should tell you
We've beaten India.

So why, Trevor Francis,
Was it the weather
Why you never came
To hear willow and leather?

Swanny bowled well,
We took all our chances,
We missed you so dearly
Oh, Trevor Francis.

So which is better?
Us beating the tourists
Or being European Champions
With Nottingham Forest?

So one final question,
I'm not being clever
But who in their right minds
Would call somebody "Trevor"?

Was it your parents
Did they not like you?
I know they're from Plymouth,
Did they do it to spite you?

I read your life story
Your parent's are central
But calling you fucking Trevor
Are they fucking mental?

'An Ode to Trevor Francis', taken from "No Darkness for Love" by Barbara Cartland 1974.

Trevor as a newly-wed with his new wife Karen Brady
and pop star Roy Orbison

Trevor Francis in action for Nottingham Forest

Trevor Francis as he is today in
white T-shirt and blue shirt get up.

Trevor Francis and his wife of many years, Karen Brady.
With a ball.

Trevor Francis's Panini sticker

Trevor shares a joke after the London riots.

This is and always will be, my favourite picture of Trevor Francis.
It show him as kind and sensitive, but also shows his fun-loving side. 
A really nice photo.

A free Trevor Francis mask for you to cut out and wear at funerals.
With this one you can even pretend that you tongue is
Trevor Francis's tongue and stick it through the mouth bit. 
No one will ever know.

Please ignore all posts since my operation as I'm stir-crazy and have obviously got too much time on my hands.  I only came on the computer to have a look at my Dream Team standings in The Sun and look what happened!

"Utter shite" said Colin Key.


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