Saturday, 20 February 2010

West Ham/Beer/Tits

Went out of the house today!!  Brilliant!  Went to a local pub to watch City away at West Ham.  Got picked up at my door and dropped at the pub door, so no walking. Well, a bit.  Fuck me; I forgot how cold it was out here.  Now I' not one for feeling the cold, but after so long sat in a warm house you sort of forget it's still Winter!  On the way in the car came a shot of year tick adrenalin direct into the veins of the year list.  We stopped at a cheeky T-junction and in a cheeky garden was a cheeky little Coal Tit!  What a bonus!
Extreme sarcasm is very often used on here, mind.

I think you're getting the picture as to how this webs(h)ite was spawned, with me sat almost house-bound in front of a PC and a TV all day.

Hang on, there's a joke in there somewhere.........


Right then.
"Before I went to hospital, I asked the missus to sort me out a TV and a PC for my rehabilitation.  I came home and there was Lily Savage and Dixon of Dock Green in the front room".

Woe is me.
And we got beat 3-0.

Pweeeeeeeep! Go over there.


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