Monday, 5 January 2015

Part 2 : weekly round up.

Now that was SURELY the longest pause betwixt a weekly round up? I am the worstest blogger of all time. So where was I? Yeah, so Tuesday, somewhere back in Octonauts, I went to Donna Nook, that's right. And the 'that's right' at the end of that sentence was not a phrase correcting myself, I was doing a Mick Jagger voice as I wrote. Yeah, that's right.

You've just read that like Mick Jagger haven't you?

Anyway, blah blah blah, Arctic Warbler showing fantasmogorically well, Long Eared and Short Eared Owls, blah blah, Yellow Browed, Barred Warbler, blah blah, flyover RedThroated Pipit, blah, great day, blah blah blah.

Wednesday and Thursday. 15th& 16th Octagon. As a birthday treat god bestowed upon me a Spurn tick: Upupa Epops! But I was on Sammys when another was loafing around Kilnsea (Pallid Swift). Darn it. I also saw Izzy Shrike (my 2nd at Spurn), GG Shrike, LEO and a couple of cracking Rough a Legs, one of which was right above me at the end of Peter Lane with a couple of Commons. It was one of them days, stuff everywhere but after the Rough a Leg I headed down to the gate to wait for the Pallid to fly south. It didn't. Darn it.

I have been to other places but I can't remember where. Oh yeah. Donna Nook again where I looked RIGHT AT some Taiga Bean Gooses just in from the bean fields of the Taiga region. Bean Gooses eat beans. Magic beans. Barnacle Gooses eat Barnacles, but Greylag Gooses do not eat Greylags as that would be simply crazy.

I then watched a Blyths Pipit near Pugneys Country Park which was nice. Then a FUCKING LITTLE BUSTARD in a stupid field in Fraisthorpe. Which was even nicer. Fraisthorpe beach is a nuddy beach. If you like being nuddy outside, you're ALLOWED to go there and get nuddy - outside. So, if you're a closet person who likes getting nuddy in public, simply go there and get nuddy and be free, FREE! Skip along the beach, nuddy, and laugh uncontrollably, it will make you feel a lot better if you're into being nuddy.


Not fin actually. 2014: never forgotten.




  1. Wrong, this is the longest betwixt posts. Your a bad bad blogger

  2. 'You're' I think you'll find. Dopey.