Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Vivid piss death

Is blogging dead? No one seems to bother in the ornithological world of ornithology. Apart from a few obviously. And well done to them I say. I'll tell you what is dead though, the Willow Warbler population. Is it just me but has there been a massive decrease in numbers? Has anyone else noticed similar trend? Also Kestrels. I spend a lot of time travelling these days and on any given journey you used to see several hunting the roadside verges. Sometimes many. But now I'm lucky if I see one. Birds of prey are, generally, doing fantastically well and numbers are expanding at an alarming rate, Red Kite and Buzzard in particular. I do not know why Kestrels have slumped. Let's think about it.

Kestrels hunt by spotting the vivid piss of a vole as they can see through their eyeballs in ultraviolet mode, they then edge closer to the vivid piss and watch for movement, ultimately pouncing on the unfortunate vole whom met its death due to its own vivid piss. Has evolution acted so quickly that a vole can now disguise it's own vivid piss as to further its own chances at the big game that is survival? Selection of the fittest, natural selection, evolution in work, go figure.

As for Willow Warbler decline I can only guess that devolution has occurred and Mother Nature has lumped willow and the chiff complex back into the single species they obviously were some.....I'm guessing......50,000 years ago?

What am I talking about? Maybe blogging SHOULD be dead. Well, MY blogging anyway I hear you cry.

If this blog is dead I'll leave you with this I've recently found out:

After strangulation, which organ in a woman's body stays warm the longest?
My cock.



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