Wednesday, 26 March 2014

TBC, PC as well. Not that you're bothered.

Crikey.  Whilst ranting about people who live in their homes I forgot to mention the Two Barred Crossbill that was found the day before the Yellow Rumper just over the bridge in yeller belly country at Forest Pines Golf Course.  I had, of course, been to have a look the previous day as the result of a message on Birdguides (other rare bird information websites are available):

Two Barred Crossbill           male in conifers to right of reception at Forest Pines          Lincs    

Okay.  Easy.  It never is in north lincs.  I'm not knocking them as there is some great birders over there but they must have a really intense rivalry as news is always sparse from this neck of the woods and usually wrong!  I even said to Fats before I went that I won't see anyone else, nor find the bird, nor find out anymore about it.

I arrived at the site, I didn't see anyone else, I didn't find the bird, nor did I find out anymore about it.
North Lincs news dissemination at it's best.  There was no one else there!  None of the staff knew anything about it.  Nor had they seen any geeks peering into an area.

The next day, I was en route home from Durham when a somewhat better message came through from Birdguides (other rare....etc):

Two Barred Crossbill           male still near 6th tee Forest Pines Golf Course          Lincs

Arrived.  Found 6th tee.  Four other birders looking.  Promising.  They hadn't seen it for a couple of hours.  The first bird I got on was the TBC.  "Hey, you lot" said I, "it's here".
Everyone patted me on the back and threw their arms around me and started chanting "Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q" whilst holding me aloft in a mad crowd surfing celebration.

I also forgot to tell you that I went back to Budby Common and finally nailed the Parrot Crossbills!  "How could you possibly forget to tell us that, Q at Spurn?" I hear you yell, and you are right to yell.   How could I possibly forget to tell you that indeed!  Well, I'll tell you then.

I went back to Budby Common and finally nailed the Parrot Crossbills.
Fucking six of them.


Big game on Saturday now in the exciting race for the coveted 7th place in the Prem.  Saints vs Newcastle.  I just can't wait.  As a neutral it is the closest finish in years......

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.......


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