Thursday, 17 September 2009


Spurn looked good for action today and I was proved.........wrong!  Not really it was quite good.
Pied Fly, Snow Bunt, Restart, 3 Willow Warblers, just the one Lesser Whitethroated Sylvia Warbler, Wigeon, loads of Meadow Pipits moving, loads on the deck, there were loads on the beaches, there were loads on the landing grounds, there were loads in the fields and in the streets, there were loads in the hills, we shall never surrender!  4+ Wheatear, a crazy Whinchat, a Greater 'Pecker, 18,463,003 Goldfinches, a Hobby shot across Walker Butts gained height and went south out to sea, but then half an hour later another Hobby came back north which was probably the same one u-turning, again going through low over the triangle scattering the local Starling flock.
A Starling shouted "incoming!" and they all drew their belongings together and flew off into the mid afternoon sky panicking and shitting as they went.

A Red-backed Shrike reported at Sammy's Point, Easington.  I was about to head off homeward anyway so called in on the way back.  A decent crowd was watching from the car park so no walk required and there it was right in front of us!  Easy this birding (twitching?) lark.
Hang on.  Just hang on there, people.
This is no Red-Backed fucking Shrike!
"'s a Woodchat" I said to the people next to me.
"Yes, did you not know?"
"Did I fuck, Mrs!".
It had been correctly identified as I was traveling.  A bit of a surprise.  Nice.  It was an immature and was really showy, proper good bird.

Had a wander along Sammy's while I was there.  Immediately, a Snow Bunting walked out in front of me, very confiding with views down to 5 metres when it was joined by a Wheatear which was very very confiding.  It literally walked up to my feet to catch a bug.  A few more Wheatears and a Redstart was about it.

This was taken on my mobile phone camera which is supposed to show you just how very, very confiding the Wheatear was.  You're not bothered?  Well fuck you then, I'm going to show you anyway:

Can't you even see it?  Well at least try to look for it.

Look, it's there.  Is that any better for you?
I can't believe I've even got to point things out to you
on top quality nature photographs such as these.

Beautiful action close up shot.
I named my new friend 'Alan' which I think is a terrific
name for a Wheatear.  I've actually hand reared Alan from birth
which is why he is so tame, but now is the time to release
Alan into the wild, look after yourself Alan........goodbye Alan......


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