Saturday, 20 February 2010

West Ham/Beer/Tits

Went out of the house today!!  Brilliant!  Went to a local pub to watch City away at West Ham.  Got picked up at my door and dropped at the pub door, so no walking. Well, a bit.  Fuck me; I forgot how cold it was out here.  Now I' not one for feeling the cold, but after so long sat in a warm house you sort of forget it's still Winter!  On the way in the car came a shot of year tick adrenalin direct into the veins of the year list.  We stopped at a cheeky T-junction and in a cheeky garden was a cheeky little Coal Tit!  What a bonus!
Extreme sarcasm is very often used on here, mind.

I think you're getting the picture as to how this webs(h)ite was spawned, with me sat almost house-bound in front of a PC and a TV all day.

Hang on, there's a joke in there somewhere.........


Right then.
"Before I went to hospital, I asked the missus to sort me out a TV and a PC for my rehabilitation.  I came home and there was Lily Savage and Dixon of Dock Green in the front room".

Woe is me.
And we got beat 3-0.

Pweeeeeeeep! Go over there.


Monday, 15 February 2010

Guest Entry #2

We've got another guest entry, this time from an online publisher.
Lee, 62 from Bedfordshire has pasted an entry direct from his birding blog from April last year:

Welcome, my subjects to the website of the British Association of Birding (BAB) which I invented myself and is now THE authority on everything to do with birds in this country and indeed abroad.  I have made myself President and all records of rarities will now be overviewed by myself, thus rendering the BOU and BBRC obsolete.  This report is brought to you in association with Alert: Rare Bird! and uses information gleaned from local birders, gleaned from regional birdlines, gleaned from e-mail groups and certain words gleaned from Roget's Thesaurus.

April 29th 2009.
Please can all subjects going to see the Dungeness Crested Lark tomorrow please not go anyway near the bird as I am travelling down to see it and I will be on-site at around 10a.m.  Please have respect for others travelling and definitely do not do an organised flush before 10a.m.

There will be an organised flush at 10a.m.

I will of course organise this and at this point all respect for people still travelling can be forgotten.  Please follow on-site instructions.  I need Crested Lark so do as I say.

Posted by Sir Lee Heavens at 21:56

Thanks for that Lee.  Not much swearing in it, or anything remotely funny.  You haven't even entered into the "childishly-editted-picture-at-the-end" look that is used on other less popular birding blogs, but still a good read. 
Thanks very much.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Woe is me.

It's three days since my operation and boredom has started to set in already.  I'm unable to drive and unable to put pressure on my operated-on leg so there will be no reports from Spurn or any other birding trips for at least 6-8 weeks (Hurrah! I hear you cry!).

This enforced lay-off will at least give you lot a chance to try and catch up on my already mega year list!

Notice that I couldn't even manage a wave for the camera.
Also notice the 'Get Well Soon' cards and the fruit.
And the FLOWERS!!!
Are they taking the piss?